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About this site

This blog is a travel information site for people who want to travel Japan in their own way. We provide useful “Japan travel information” for both Japanese and foreigners who want to travel around Japan.

This blog is mainly in Japanese, but we also have English pages.

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What I write on this site

The theme is “Japan. I will write about all things Japan from the angle of travel.
I would like to unravel “Japan” with the theme of travel, food, history, culture, Japanese thoughts, Japanese language, and so on.

Through this blog, I would like to pursue the following two things

1.Knowing Japan as a Japanese

As a Japanese living in Japan, I actually do not know much about Japan. There are so many things that I take for granted in my daily life that I do not know everything about the 378,000 km² land area of Japan.

I was ahead of my time in Japanese history when I was in college, but that does not mean that I know all of Japanese history. I am sure that in life it is difficult to know everything about one’s own country. However, as long as you are alive, there is no doubt that you are Japanese. To know Japan as a Japanese is to know one’s own roots, and it is an opportunity to think deeply about one’s own identity.

2.To let foreigners know the true nature of Japan.

To let foreigners know what the true Japan is like. Some of our neighbors have long upheld anti-Japanese education to create a negative impression of Japan and Japanese people. However, if people from such countries come to Japan, they will understand that Japan is completely different from what they have learned. Our Japanese temperament and culture were not created yesterday or today. We have a long, long history, and our predecessors have built it up through hard work.

By rethinking and learning about the culture and customs that we as Japanese take for granted, I hope that foreign people who are unfamiliar with Japan will learn about the wonder and beauty of Japan, the intelligence, kindness, and compassion of the Japanese people, and other aspects of Japan.

As a Japanese, I want to know Japan. I want foreign people to know more about Japan. My desire to learn more about Japan as a Japanese person is only increasing day by day.

How I created this blog.

It all started when I read a book by Japanese journalist Akira Ikegami.

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¥1,540 (2022/10/01 20:36:49時点 楽天市場調べ-詳細)

This is a book about the contemporary history of China, Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea, and Russia written in an easy-to-understand manga style. There are two parts: the cartoon part and Ikegami’s written commentary. At first I laughed a little at the fact that Mr. Ikegami’s drawings look just like his own.

I was a little amused at first because his drawings looked so much like his own. 、、、、 I wanted to know why China and Korea are anti-Japanese and what patriotic education means. I was able to read and understand what I wanted to know in a very easy-to-understand way, with the feeling that it fell right into my brain.

I was able to read what I wanted to know in a very easy-to-understand way, with a feeling that it fell into my brain. Children cannot be judged right or wrong. For children, the environment and knowledge they are given is all they have. They are raised in a world where their own ideology and values are instilled in them, and if they are taught wrong things at the beginning, they will never change their anti-Japanese mentality.

However, if we, as Japanese people, can convey the beauty and splendor of Japan to them, even if just a little, and if they can understand that “Hey, that’s not what they were taught…”

I felt this way after reading Mr. Ikegami’s book.

But when I think about it, I actually knew nothing about Japan.
How much did I know about Japan? Did I have enough knowledge to convey it to a foreigner?
I began to ask myself these questions, and even though I had only stopped by a supermarket, I felt as if I had not taken for granted the scenery of a supermarket filled with food and fresh food, and neatly arranged. At the cash register, the clerk would say, “Welcome.” Thank you,” at the cash register, is not something I take for granted. I realized that this is one of the wonderful aspects of Japanese culture.

When I visited Hong Kong, I suddenly remembered that I had seen only unfriendly clerks at convenience stores and supermarkets who did not smile at me. Before Corona, I used to travel to Hong Kong more than 10 times a year. This was because I was working as an overseas location coordinator.

Nevertheless, while I was in Japan, I took the Japanese scenery for granted. What is commonplace to us may not be commonplace to the rest of the world.

Once I started to have this perspective, I began to enjoy my daily life. I wondered how our daily life, culture, and customs looked like from a foreigner’s point of view. To find out, I began to think that the first step is to learn about Japan as a Japanese person.

I then decided to communicate about Japan through the mediums of blogging, Facebook, and Instagram, and started this blog.

About this blog (supplement)

This blog was created on August 1, 2022, after erasing all data and posts from the past and recreating it anew. The past blog was a chronicle of the author’s battle with illness, but now that he is completely cured, he has decided not to look back at the past and has erased all data.