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self introduction

I love to travel! Always looking for new discoveries and continuing to learn through travel.
I am YUMI, a writer and private guide. 

I run and write “Japan Free Travel”. All of my writings are original. I have loved writing since I was a child. I believe that writing is my life’s work all my life.

Nowadays, we can convey our thoughts and ideas through videos and photos, but in my case, it is exclusively writing! I want to convey my thoughts and ideas through writing! That’s what I always want to do.

I also like taking pictures. I am not good at it. I use a smartphone camera exclusively. But the quality and performance of modern smartphones are so good that even an amateur can take a decent picture. Even though I’m not very good at it, I always try to take pictures of landscapes, things, and foods that move me.

Hong Kong Night View

▲Night view of Hong Kong taken on September 24, 2019

Brief profile

Born June 7, Tokyo, Japan. Age undisclosed.

After graduating from university, worked in the TV production industry and advertising industry, and became independent in 2007. As an overseas location coordinator, worked mainly in Hong Kong and Macau as a coordinator for Japanese TV programs, commercial productions, and music video and PV productions.

After the spring of 2020, I was forced to shift to writing, which is what I originally wanted to do, because I could no longer do any overseas work due to Corona! However, I took this as an opportunity and managed to make a living.

In 2006, he obtained his national certification as a travel service supervisor. I worked for an advertising agency at the time and handled travel-related advertisements, so I tried to get this certification, which I studied hard for eight months.

However, this certification has given me the confidence that I can accomplish anything in life if I work hard enough! I believe that it gave me the confidence that I can achieve anything in life if I work hard, and it helped me crawl my way up the ladder without giving up when I became a writer and freelance writer. The average price in the writing industry has gotten cheaper and cheaper over the years, and even if I stay up all night writing, I still feel like, “That’s all I get? I have just started trying to make a living from blogging instead of doing contract work.

Requests for writing

To request a writing assignment from YUMI, please contact me by email: japan@youmei81.net

Below is a book I have assisted with. The book is a bit old and is now only sold used.

What I have accomplished

    • 2006 Certified as a Travel Service Manager
    • 2018 Cured of Hepatitis C
    • 2018 – June 2019 Lost 8 kg (58 to 50 kg), now keeping 49 kg

Hard experience

June 2019. I was in Hong Kong filming. That day when the Hong Kong democracy protests started. I thought it would be over in a few days. The demonstrations started on the Hong Kong Island side, and those of us who were filming only on the Kowloon side were not affected in any way, and we didn’t even feel the demonstrations unless we saw the news reports.

July. I was eating hot pot with a friend. We learned that the riots had started from the TV on at the restaurant. I felt a sense of weakness and bloodlust in my body. It was the moment I realized, “This will not end easily. That was the moment I realized that.

20190702 Hong Kong Hotpot

▲ While eating hot pot in Hong Kong on July 2, 2019

Then the council was occupied and the city was destroyed. I remember returning home with tears in my eyes seeing that broken city. I may never come back to this land again. That is how I felt.

The end of September 2019. I returned to Japan.
October 1, 2019 National Day. Hong Kong police open fire on pro-democracy youth. Everything collapses into a total collapse. Everyone in the world thought so and it became a reality.

Hong Kong had changed. When Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, many people said, “Get down to RED. In 2020, Hong Kong really did go down to RED.

The Hong Kong I have loved since 1996 is no more. Many of my friends were supposed to be democrats. Since the implementation of the National Security Maintenance Act, all my pro-democracy friends who had to continue to live in Hong Kong have all turned pro-China. Because they cannot live otherwise.

The rich, English-speaking, and talented people emigrated with their families to the UK and Canada. Some have moved to Japan on investment visas.

This is the reality. This is the truth of history. The Tiananmen Square incident, which the Chinese government is trying to pretend never happened, cannot even be mentioned at all in Hong Kong. However, I covered a Tiananmen memorial rally in Hong Kong in 2015. Many people attended.

One wonderfully developed and prosperous cosmopolitan city is about to disappear. This is the reality.

About Travel

I have loved to travel since I was a child. Especially the time spent on bullet trains and airplanes. I love that feeling of excitement and elation.

Traveling not only refreshes my mind, but also gives me new discoveries and new values. Before Corona, I used to travel to Hong Kong and Macau more than 10 times a year. Although I called it a business trip, I think it was just to relieve stress.

However, after Corona, I could not only travel overseas, but for a while I could not even travel out of the prefecture. When I moved out of the prefecture, I was somewhat looked at with a white eye. 、、、、

Once when I had no choice but to go to a certain region for work, I was asked, “Where are you from?” I was asked “Where are you from?” When I honestly told the person that I was from Tokyo, I received a blatant disapproving look and was kept at a distance. Human psychology is like that. At the time, vaccines had not yet been developed, so I think it was inevitable.

But even under such circumstances, traveling somehow soothed my heart. I think that is what it is all about. Seeing unusual scenery and eating delicious food. Just by doing so, I feel that my mind is liberated.

My mother, who has reached the age of being considered elderly, lives with me, so after she got her vaccinations, we went to several hot springs. I was so excited, room bath!!!! Traveling with the Corona disaster took an unexpected budget. I figured a hot spring with a room bath would be best for my mother’s safety, but again, room baths are more expensive than I thought!!!

Yaizu Shore house

▲ April 2021 at Teika, Yaizu

But that is why the luxury of a room bath completely liberated and revived our hearts.

Yaizu Sunset

▲ Sunset in Yaizu

Relaxing with a sunset view like this gives the mind a new imagination.

In the future, Traveling is my job! I would like to be like that.

Private guide work

I am studying to become an Interpreter Guide. I am a general travel service supervisor, so I am exempt from one geography subject, but only one geography subject. I have to take the English, history, and general knowledge exams.

If you get a history test level 1 or 2, you are exempted from history, so I am currently studying Japanese history with manga to take the history test.

Manga is also very useful for adults to relearn. I bought a high school history reference book and read it. I’m thinking that if I buy a high school history reference book and read it, I might be able to remember some of it. I majored in Japanese history in college, so… (laughs).

All I learned in college is that I have a “bachelor’s degree”. I have forgotten everything I learned after more than a quarter of a century. 、、、、

Whether or not I get my interpreter guide certification, I can still be a private guide, and I would like to show foreigners around Japan once Corona settles down and the inbound traffic returns.