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Brazilian Day – September 3-4, 2022


Brazilian Independence Day 200th Anniversary

Brazilian Day on September 3 and 4

Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, has one of the largest Brazilian communities in Japan.

There are many Brazilians living in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where I live.
The total population of Hamamatsu City is about 800,000. About 10,000 of them are Brazilians, 4,000 are Filipinos, 3,600 are Vietnamese, 2,300 are Chinese, and 26,000 other foreigners live in the city, including people from Peru, Indonesia, and Korea.

There are so many jobs in Hamamatsu that people have long said that if you don’t have a job, you should move to Hamamatsu City. There are many factories of major companies in Hamamatsu, so there is no need to worry about work.

Acceptance of foreigners is also smooth, and there are many foreign students.
The city properly promotes cross-cultural exchanges and activities, and takes good care of foreigners who have just arrived in Hamamatsu. The Brazilian community is particularly large, and there are schools and churches specializing in Brazilian people.

Interpreters for Portuguese and Chinese are available at the general hospital, and the police department’s website is in both Japanese and Portuguese. Naturally, the Japanese driver’s license examination can be taken in Portuguese or Chinese. It is actually a surprisingly international town.

The Brazilian Festival!

A large stage was set up in the plaza in front of Hamamatsu Station for a cross-cultural exchange event between Japan and Brazil!

Compact city, lots of nature, hot springs. You can hike, you can surf, you can have fun! And the town is always clean and well maintained.

I recommend this town to foreigners who want to live in Japan.

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